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Transitioning to BDD is one of the best things we’ve done.
— Sheetal Patel, speaking at CukeUp London 2017

Inspire confidence

  • We are world experts with years of practical experience in BDD and Agile

  • Training proven in hundreds of organisations worldwide

  • No question too tough for our trainers

Interactive and fun

  • Learner-led training makes the days fly

  • Memorable and meaningful experience that builds the team

  • 92% of our attendees give us 4-5 stars

Focused on your context

  • We tailor each course to your needs

  • Use any programming language: Java, C#, JavaScript, Ruby, PHP

  • Practice with stories from your backlog

Beyond test automation

  • Understand the core principles behind BDD

  • Transform the way your team collaborates on requirements

  • Break down any user story into manageable size


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Our Products

BDD Fundamentals

BDD Fundamentals

No computers, this two-day training teaches the whole team the collaborative practices used in BDD.

  • Break down big user stories using examples
  • Run an Example Mapping workshop
  • Describe examples using Gherkin
  • Roles on a Behaviour-Driven Team

BDD Cucumber

BDD with Cucumber

This hands-on day gives developers and test engineers the practical grounding to use Cucumber to validate requirements.

  • Learn the structure of a Cucumber test suite
  • Practice expressing requirements as Gherkin scenarios
  • Use the BDD cycle to guide your coding using Cucumber
  • Discuss the costs and benefits of test automation



When you want to learn a new technique, having regular contact with an expert coach is the proven way to do it.

  • Create a realistic and achievable plan for adopting BDD
  • Hold teams accountable for sticking to that plan
  • Get regular support and advice as the rubber hits the road
  • Capitalize on investment in training by creating long-term changes in team performance

Testable Architecture

Testable Architecture

To live with automated tests in the long term, you need an architecture that supports testing. This one-day training teaches experienced developers and test engineers the secrets.

  • Tackle slow, unreliable tests
  • Stop testing everything through the UI
  • Get lighting-fast feedback from tests for the code you change every day
  • Understand & apply ports and adapters / hexagonal architecture

Enterprise transformation

Enterprise transformation

Making the transition to BDD across an enterprise can be daunting. We've been there, and can provide you with guidance.

  • Developing your strategy
  • Seminars with senior leadership
  • Success metrics and case studies
  • Facilitating internal conferences & open space events
  • Keynote talks